Need the energy or motivation to exercise?

Going to the gym not giving you the results you want?

Desert Senior Fitness is for YOU!

We NEED 20 motivated SENIORS who want to increase their energy and improve their quality of life.

Creating a level of physical fitness that will support a quality lifestyle and independence long into “old age” is the outcome of our program.

Every bout of training can slow, stop, or even reverse many of the degenerative effects of aging.

Think of it as a prudent deposit into a “ Physiological 401K”: saving strong muscle, hard bone, full mobility and balance for your retirement.

Getting strong won’t bring back your eyesight, restore your bald spot, shrink your prostate, lift your tush, or smooth your wrinkles, BUT getting old, even VERY OLD, doesn’t have to guarantee frailty, loss of independence, weakness and misery.
(Sullivan J, Baker A: The Barbell Prescription, 2016)


  • Maintain independence and self-reliance, reduce feelings of isolation, improve mood

  • Increase overall health: improve heart and brain function, increase bone density, reduce risk of stroke and diabetes

  • Improve mobility, flexibility and balance, reduce the risk of falls/injury

  • Improve cognition/slow cognitive decline, build new brain pathways

  • Enhance quality of life, improve sleep, increase sex drive, regain active lifestyle

  • Enrich your life, make new friends, be part of a community

Desert Senior Fitness is committed to be your partner in preserving your health, independence, vitality and longevity.

Does this sound like you? Desert Senior Fitness was designed to help you live a life you love.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE & LIFE TO YOUR YEARS!

Join NOW for ONLY $99 (Save over 30%)

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Our Desert Senior Fitness Program Includes:

4 Weeks of World Class, Results-Based Fitness Training

Motivation and Accountability

Supportive Community


Let’s Do This! I Want to Start Living My Life to the Fullest!

For more information call: 760-779-8880

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Frequently Asked Questions:

4-Weeks at $99 with Senior Discount (more than 30% off)

Regular Price - $150

Desert Senior Fitness classes are held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 8:00 am
The program is designed to start you exactly where you are, regardless of your current fitness level. Our coaches are trained to listen and determine the best way to help you achieve your goals. You will be set up for success starting on your very first day.
Please Call Cheryl at Desert CrossFit – (760) 779-8880

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